STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science,Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access pointsfor guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. STEAM is transforming our children into the innovators, educators, leaders,and learners of the 21st century! It is also more widely known as S.T.E.M. STEM based curriculum is required curriculum in schools in the United States.

Article on STEM by littleBits
Common Sense Education has reviewed a number of terrific tools for early STEM learning, which they’ve collected in their list Best Picks for Early Childhood STEM Learning.
For more information about early STEM learning, see the report STEM Starts Early from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and New America.