This is Betina, she is one of our teen coaches who does private classes. She has helped Emilie who is 7, work through 30 classes from introduction to intermediate coding with Scratch, Tynker and Emilie also took our Robot Invent & Build class learning to program the robot Spero and Lighting labs, build robots with littleBits electronics and create 3D designs on ThinkerCAD by Autodesk.

We have several programs for training our coaches.  If you are interested we offer private coaching for those that prefer personal interaction and team coaching for those who prefer group collaboration. Click here to sign up to be a coach.

Our process for hiring and training coaches:

Team Coaches

Team coached get first vetted for their responsibility, personality, ability to handle new situations, and intellect. This is done by an application, series of interviews and background check. Then the accepted applicants attend TheCode Tech Academy. A full day training conference to educate TheCode coaches for each topic area that they want to be a coach for and The coaches must also pass a course during the academy day on how to work with kids behavior, taught by a expert in that field.  The coaches are required to “get certified” by in order to lead a team.

Once they are matched with a team they are assigned a leader from TheCode who oversees the coach and the team. The experienced leader comes to class the first day, and is the contact person for parents of kids on the team. They can answer any questions that arise.  The leader is also in charge of distributing materials to the coach for the curriculum, the products such as robots or electronics if they are needed and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Click here to sign up to be a coach.

Private Coaches

Each coach goes through a similar application process as a team coach. Then before they are matched with a student, they are trained in basic coding.  They are required go through the course that they are going to be coaching kids in.

They are given a lesson plan for a series of 10 classes and the teachers notes for each week.  Teachers instructions and course agenda are given for each week. They are expected to review each lesson and prepare for class by watching video instructions and reviewing the materials to be taught.

Before the class if there are any questions, a conversation is had with the director of curriculum at TheCode and they are walked through the material and questions are answered.